Time fly so fast. Tomorrow night will be our monthly sharing session on tech and creative topic. Before i proceed to more information sure you all ant to know more about TE4P? What is TE4P all about? Here it’s TE4P is stand for Tech Events 4 Penang. Where they talk and discuss about technology stuff such as Internet, programming, social media, graphic, design, web, videography, photography and other possible related topic. Every one know that Penang is a boring place! So that they TE4P organize this event cause they wanted to do more Tech Events happenings in Penang to boost the industry here up and all the way up north and to expend it bigger.

It is a casual event where all of us hangout with cup of coffee where we meet up with the group of members here to meet up together and join the TE4P Nites sharing session.TE4P is the monthly gathering organized by TE4P to share about technology stuff for Penang friend. Where the knowledge are more on how to use Social Media and Social Media Networks Platform to do the business marketing over the net. This event also for the members to meet up face to face beside online meeting in the online group. Is a good chances to know each other thru the event where normally cant be done thru online.

If you are on the IT, Tech, Multimedia, Graphic, Design Line/Industry i would encourage you all to attend this event to know more people with IT & Tech knowledge and experience. We do understand that Penang People are slow moving, but i do encourage for people to join this event where its only one month ones, you can meet the tech people and ask them some question. Hope to see the numbers of attending increase.  We are trying out for a miniseries event for TE4P nite.

TE4P Nite Website & Facebook:
– TE4P Nite Official Website: http://www.te4p.com/
– TE4P Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/177349639065213/
– TE4P Nite Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TechEvents4Penang 

TE4P Nite July Event details:
1. Venue: Starbucks, Borders, Queensbay Mall.
2. Fees: Just a cup of coffee from Starbucks
3. Time: 7.00pm to 11pm
4. Hashtag: #TE4P
5. For who: Anyone (Public)

And here its how the schedule look like:
– 7pm – Introducing to Mobile Apps and Gadget to our life & biz.
– 8pm – Creating a Website in an hour using WordPress
– 9pm – Cloud Technology
– 10pm – What do you want from Penang on Tech Event?

If you have any suggestion, topic to share or looking for a topic, do voice out. We love to hear from you.