This year, 2013, we could see alot of tech scene happening in Penang. For a start, there will be “Open Tech Nite” meetup; casual meetup for all entrepreneur, startup, anyone those are interested in tech.

After that, NoMAD will be organizing series of activities to push up local mobile developers and app to the market. Including meetup & workshop.

Follow up by “Open Startup”, a series of monthly event where each session will features local Penang star, a startup/ entrepreneur that make it to the world. Its open to all, especially startup and entrepreneur. The programme its to guide the local startup into right path, mindset and ready for the REAL world.

Beside that, we also in discussion for Hackathon and BarCamp2013.

If you are interested in joining and help up, do let us know. We need more leg and arm, especially limb.