One of the biggest problem we hit when organizing event, its VENUE! Either its too small, hot, expensive, too far, noisy, lousy internet connection or “where it is?” !

And getting to the right one, its not easy. How nice if there its one open space, reasonable or possible free, air-condition, highspeed internet connection, projector, 24 hours, and BEAN BAG!

Have being pitching the idea to many people, but seem always stuck with the common issue of “chicken or egg come first?”. How to build a crowd without a proper venue, then how to have a venue without a proper crowd?

But finally, our call might be answer. A passion entrepreneur are considering to help out and sponsor his venue for upcoming tech event! We are looking around 1300 sqf open space, 5 air-con, projector, bean bag, coffee, table & chair, highspeed internet connection, 24 hours and located at prime area! It still under negotiation, and once confirm, we will make the BIG announcement.