Terra Enterprise 4 Planet



Base in Malaysia, our main focus is on Green Enterprise –  Company – Startup. Activities include; advisory, consultant, trading, network and market access in this region. 


Started as local tech & entrepreneur community movement started in 2013. The transition from tech event, IoT incubation and now on Green & Plant-based enterprise. 


To help & support existing enterprise, company, startup in Green & Plant-based in APAC region.

Together with our TEAM and Partner, we are passionate on getting local enterprises to grow and scale in this region. We believe, with our collective experience & network, will bring extra value to this industry. 

Green & Plant-Based

The enterprise that focuses on sustainability and positive impact on our Planet Earth. 

Topic includes; reduce carbon footprint, plant-based products, environmentally friendly, naturally biodegradable and Green. 


Reach out to us, and let’s make the world a better place.