MSC Malaysia Startup Accelerator Lite, a 3day program was hosted at Info- Trek, Queensbay Mall on 17th March to 19th March 2014, the purpose of this program was to assist budding entrepreneurs to kickstart their startups and also to provide them necessary know-how to grow their business. MSC Malaysia Startup Accelerator Lite aims to help Malaysian early-stage ICT startups to unlock their potential by systematically mapping out their founders’ goals, current reality and options for growth and connecting them to national and international mentors and investors. The program draws on techniques developed by JFDI.Asia for its successful accelerator program in Singapore. And Penang is one of the 3 locations of this pilot project in Malaysia.


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A little background intro about our partners in this event:


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Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI.Asia) is a Singapore-based seed accelerator modelled on Techstars that has 60% success taking start-up businesses from idea to $600k seed investment in 100 days. JFDI.Asia’s focus is on mobile and digital products and services made in Asia, for Asia. Its customers are business start-up teams, early stage business investor/acquirers, and organizations that seek to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship in their workforce.


MDec stands for  Multimedia Development Corporation,   is an institution funded and owned by the Malaysian government. They’re responsible for the management of the Multimedia Super Corridor(MSC Malaysia) in Malaysia as a technology industry and commerce hub of Asia.MSC is committed to assist entrepreneurs who’s in the area of: internet services, mobile, software, IT services, creative multimedia, telecommunications, computers and peripherals.  To grow their budding business, and also provide essential guidance in starting their business.

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